Why is keeping your skin hydrated so important?


Hydration is the key to supple skin. Internal hydration, as well as external hydration will keep the largest organ of your body feeling and looking its best.

There is much to be said about drinking your 6 8oz ounce glasses of water every day.
Also, as important is making sure the products you put on your skin are easily absorbable and hydrating, so that your skin will stay moisturized and not become dry during the day or due to cold weather, sun exposure or other factors.

Dehydration is a lifestyle choice, and there are many ways to prevent dry skin and keep your skin healthy.

Think about what happens when a grape becomes a raisin, 

You don’t want your skin to look like a raisin, do you?

 Your skin contains 30% water which can be lost in many ways. It’s very important to internally hydrate as well as applying topical moisturizers hyaluronic acid’s, and non-comedogenic skin oils to protect the outer layer of the skin when it is exposed to dry conditions, heat or cold. Also, just as important is not to use a cleanser that is too drying to the surface of the skin. After cleansing, balancing the pH, and replacing the moisture and natural oils is very important. Even if you feel you oily skin, topical hydration is very important in replacing the natural oils and will actually send a signal to the oil glands, that you don’t need to produce more oil, therefore, balancing the amount of moisture in the skin.

My favorite body hydration product is
BeautySmart Skincare’s, Body Quench,

This unique aloe vera-based formula contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin A and vitamin E. It can be applied to the entire body and face and then followed with a heavier moisturizer or cream if you’re going to be exposed to dry or cold conditions.
I also apply Acqua Essence Hydrating Serum to my entire face, neck and décolleté every morning before applying sunscreen, Glow Elixir, or any other moisturizer, and or make up.

The most effective way to care for your skin is to stay hydrated. Hydration will help your skin stay supple, younger looking and raisin free.

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